Appendix C
The Metta Sutra

[This is a copy of the Sutra that I obtained from a friend at Yasodhara Ashram in 1987.  I do not know the source of this particular version.]

May I be free from  greed, hate and delusion.
May I be full of self-sacrifice, love and understanding.

I charge my heart, that is now temporarily pure, with thoughts of Loving Kindness.
I charge every cell of my being with thoughts of Loving Kindness.
I build a healthy, happy aura of Loving Kindness around me that no wicked thought nor evil intention can penetrate.
Now I am protected.

I now send forth thoughts of Loving Kindness

    to all beings and creatures
    to everything animate and inanimate
    to everything that has taken rise in consciousness
    and to everything still in its causal state.

I send forth these thoughts around me

    around my dwelling
    around my district
    around the continent
    around the world.

Loving Kindness to all, Loving Kindness to all.

Around the universe, Loving Kindness to all.
Around the cosmos, Loving Kindness, Loving Kindness to all.

Loving Kindness to all who dwell above and
Loving Kindness to those who dwell below.

May all beings and creatures
And everything animate and inanimate
And everything still in its causal state,
May all be happily minded.
May none hurt each other in anger and in ill-will.
May their minds be wholesome.
May all have sufficient for their needs.
May all be fortunate enough to encounter the Dharma.

Humbly I accept the loving thoughts of everyone in return
None excluded.

And now I share the benefit of this meditation with everyone.