A Call to Loving Arms

Unworthy and unskilled though I am, I have been asked to initiate a search on the Internet for the Truth about and the guidance to undo the wrongs that are being committed against the people of the world and against the planet upon which we depend for our living.  You will each know to what this refers.

The Internet is an instrument of unparalleled flexibility.  Because it cannot be controlled by any one person or group of persons, it is ideally suited to a quest for justice and freedom from domination by selfish power- motivated agendas.  The World Wide Web can be likened to a fishnet whose strength and viability is assured by the knots of which it is composed.  Each knot can be seen as a small group of people, or even single persons, who share ideals and information about current events and the state of the world.  These groups also communicate with each other through the strands that connect them.  Hence, information held by one group can be shared with all the others.  Immediately.

At this time, we are being asked to use this tool to correct the mistakes and imbalances that have been caused by greed, aggression and self-interest throughout the world.  Neither human beings nor the planet can long survive in a climate of fear and mistrust.  As these factors accelerate, stress increases geometrically and the health of everyone  suffers great losses in energy and the ability to survive.  We are at a crisis point to which we all must address ourselves.

You are not being called to do something heroic, but to use the skills you already possess in the community in which you live to address the issues you identify as directed toward violence, destruction, distrust, alienation, enslavement and imprisonment of the human soul.  If you have political power, you may confront  the challenges on a larger scale in order to clear the way for singular efforts emerging from the grass roots of the society in which you live.  Furthermore, you are being asked to share your mission with all those with whom you are connected in order to raise national and international awareness of the dangers and threats to human and planetary welfare which are inextricably intertwined.  This may be achieved by either email, web sites, word-of-mouth communication or example.  We cannot live without oxygen nor without the freedom to live honorably with each other.

Two of our main tools are the Light of Truth and Love.  

Honesty and integrity are essential to establishment of trust.  Trust is needed to open our hearts to the pain and enslavement of others, for it is in openness that we begin to empathize and identify with those who suffer whether it is from injustice or hunger, warfare or abuse, destruction of forests and the wilderness or species extinction.

Love takes many forms.  It can manifest as compassion, kindness, consideration, generosity, forgiveness, caring, active listening, empathy and sharing, to name a few.  Its primary motivation is connection and communion.  If we regularly engage in love, in any of these forms, we are much less likely to harm one another.  Every religious tradition, and some that are not religious, place love at the center of life.  An exchange of love is mandatory to normal development and the maintenance of peace and prosperity.  Prosperity is not defined by monetary values but by the loving support of loyal friends and family.  That many, if not most of us, do not feel loved is obvious in the alienation, longing and stress we all suffer to some degree.  Yet, it is so easy to give a kind word to a clerk in the store or the person who delivers your mail.  Each of these contacts puts more love into circulation.  Each judgment or criticism subtracts it.

You are, of course, free to act or not act upon this plea as you see fit.  But I urge you to join with others on the Internet as well as in your daily life to establish and nurture a collective network  and  movement for constructive change.  We are identifed by our ideals and our willingness to support them.    Remember that Love is the opposite of fear, and is capable of dissolving it.

Force is not the way.

From: Michael

Transcribed by Hiranya