© House of Spirit                       Winter 2015                           Vol. XIX, No. 4
Winter Message

Christmas marks the ending of winter as the days now become longer toward the warmth and light of spring. More light will be arriving soon and with it the hope of new growth and development not only in nature but in human progress as well. Attention to meditation and time for inner questioning may lead to opening onto another level of spiritual being you have not experienced before. However, these changes may not be immediately obvious as they are protected from egoistic meddling by their unavailability to awareness. Still, they progress on their own time and schedule.   

As you become conscious at a higher level, you will know who you are on a spiritual plane. Then you will need to find a way to offer selfless service to others and to the planet. In your life, there are many people quietly showing you how to do this without obvious recognition or fanfare. They do it because it is there and because they are able to.

As the light increases, there is less inward focus and a gradual turning toward others and the environment again feeling refreshed and renewed by the inward journey that winter darkness promotes.

So reach inside yourself for the Joy and Love and warmth that is part of your true nature and call upon them for expression to warm up your days and those of others who seek to find their reasons for being.

And, most of all, remember Me, that I Love you always and am always available to you when you need a serious connection. Come to Me. Be Me. Be My Love in the world as a service to others.

With Love from Gentle Spirit.

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