Find your own way to Higher-Self development and liberation using a specially designed program of spiritual development based on all the spiritual traditions and Transpersonal Psychology called Return to Spirit. This is a series of guidebooks that includes spiritual practices, exercises to give you your own experience, information and suggestions of books to read that will give you access to the spiritual classics. This set of guidebooks is organized around the Yogic chakra system along with modern transpersonal psychology, and it is intended to help you discover higher levels of awareness and thus return to your divine identity. There are seven guidebooks, one for each level of spiritual development.

The series, Return to Spirit, is now complete. The Introduction should be read first to provide a context and for background information. If you wish to work with these materials, it is recommended that you download, save and print them out, so you can do the exercises in comfort and at your leisure. Also, the units should be done in the sequence presented as the process is cumulative. The images are diagrams which help explain the text. They may be downloaded separately from the units to which they correspond.  

Note: The book, Emergence of the Divine Child, which is used as a text in the first two guidebooks, is now being sold under the title, Windows to the Soul.

These guidebooks have been accepted by the Parliament of the World's Religions as a gift to the world community.


Book I. In the Beginning: Consciousness, Break from Spirit

Introduction (35K)

The following are units in Book I:

  1. Getting Started (31K)
  2. Spiritual Journey, Need for Meaning (43K)
  3. The False Self (34K)
  4. The Higher Self (40K)
  5. The Power of Life: Basic Life Energy (42K)
  6. In the Beginning: Birth, Beginnings, Evolution, Earth (53K)
  7. Early Veils: Mind and Senses, Learning (22K)
  8. Symbolic Veils: Representation and Memory (30K)
  9. To Be or Not to Be Awake: Consciousness (20K)
  10. Letting Go: Death and Rebirth (11K)
  11. Wholeness and Healing (25K)
  12. Personal Essence, Beingness (12K)
  13. References (10K)

Book II. Emptiness to Form, Soul Loss

The following are units in Book II.:

  1. Second Chakra Themes (32K)
  2. Receptivity (58K)
  3. Breathing into Life and Soul (64K)
  4. Development of the Self-conscious Mind (83K)
  5. Speech as Hyperlink (44K)
  6. Imagination - the Great Form-maker (75K)
  7. Feminine Sexuality (45K)
  8. Identification and Soul Loss (84K)
  9. Soul Retrieval, Healing and Wholeness (51K)
  10. Spiritual Support (37K)
  11. Appendix (6K)
  12. References (16K)

Book III. Broken Will and Empowerment

The following are units in Book III:

  1. Primal Repression (78K)
  2. Understanding (40K)
  3. Development of Intellect and the Blocking of Consciousness (50K)
  4. Social Roles, Conformity and Subordination (29K)
  5. Ego, Power and Control, Suffering (76K)
  6. Emotional Upheaval (64K)
  7. Male Sexuality (56K)
  8. The Sound of Silence (18K)
  9. The Internal Critic and Disempowerment (31K)
  10. Empowerment (44K)
  11. Karma (33K)
  12. Healing (50K)
  13. References and Appendices (28K)

Book IV.  Broken Heart and Transcendence

The following are units in Book IV:  

  1. Fourth Chakra Themes (42K)
  2. Adolescent Development(71K)
  3. The Wishing Tree (34K)
  4. Connection (58K)
  5. The Beloved One (44K)
  6. Attunement (80K)
  7. Solitude (64K)
  8. Divine Light (26K)
  9. Illumination (35K)
  10. Healing (53K)
  11. References and appendices (28K)

Book V. Surrender

The following are units in Book V:

  1. Introduction (31K)
  2. Fifth Chakra Themes (13K)
  3. Adult Development  (26K)
  4. Mind as Sixth Sense (39K)
  5. Vibration/Word/Logos (28K)
  6. Hearing (42K)
  7. Persisting Issues (58K)
  8. Spiritual Will/ Surrender  (55K)
  9. Acceptance  (59K)
  10. Integration and the Search for Wholeness (28K)
  11. Healing, References & Appendices (47K)

Book VI. Balance

The following are units in Book VI:

    1.  Ajna Chakra Themes (44K)
    2.  Polarities (52K)
    3.  Balance (57K)
    4.  Pure Mind (47K)
    5.  Consciousness (78K)
    6.  Light (31K)
    7.  Presence (66K)
    8.  Healing the Soul (35K)
    9.  Bindu (35K)
  10.  Healing Ideas  (43K)

Book VII. Dissolution

The following are units in Book VII:

        Introduction  (35K)
  1.  Chakra Symbols   (39K)
  2.  The Return  (51)
  3.  Manifestation  (41K)
  4.  Kamakala Triangle  (51K)
  5.  Mahanada  (29K)
  6.  Manipitha/Amakala  (39K)
  7.  Supreme Bindu  (74K)
  8.  Vishnu-Vakta  (63K)
  9.  Candra-Mandala  (70K)
10.  Descent into Life  (61K)
11.  Death of the Body  (36K)

Barbara Stone, 2008

SpiritSong, a quarterly newsletter, is now available.

Call to Loving Arms.  This is a call from Spirit to establish a worldwide presence on the Internet seeking the Truth about and the guidance to undo the wrongs being committed in the world.

The Open Moment.  This is a novel about the transformation of human desire into cosmic unity and love.  The theme that carries this transition is a love story between Ariel Royalston and her spirit guide, David.  This story came through Barbara Stone, not from her, and she gives the credit for it to Spirit.

Bon Voyage!

The Author is Hiranya Barbara Stone, EdD, formerly Professor of Psychology at Drew University, Madison, NJ. She was a mentor for The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in the Global Programs: Worldwide Transpersonal Education Division. Hiranya  is certified to teach all forms of Yoga by Yasodhara Ashram, Kootenay Bay, B.C., and she spent a sabbatical year (1985-86) teaching and studying in the Contemplative Psychotherapy program at The Naropa Institute, a Buddhist graduate school in Boulder, Colorado. She recently completed a training program in The Art of Spiritual Guidance at the Silver Dove Institute in Burlington, VT under the leadership of Atum O'Kane. Barbara was the founder and director of House of Spirit Yoga and Retreat Center in Cedaredge, CO until 1997 when she moved to Massachusettes.